What is Gintee?

Gintee is yet another social media platform (as if there were not already enough) which people can use to interact with each other while watching TV or following a Mega Event (like US election, Brexit, Olympics etc.). You can also call it second screen.

Who runs Gintee?

Gintee is an independent media platform not run by any TV channel.

Who will moderate and control a page for any channel?

As it is all abour V2V, Viewers to viewers, any one who is an avid viewer of the programs on a channel and want to be moderator for this channel can be moderator for that channel.That means You can also be moderator for a channel page. All you have to do is to contact me at contact@gintee.com and we will discuss the details.

What the moderator of a page can control?

The moderator will have the power to post questions for polling, moderate chat and tweets, and edit pages related to that channel such as pages introducing various programs and anchor persons etc.

I belongs to a team running a show on TV. Can I become moderator of my channel page?

If you are from the team running a show on TV, you can also be moderator for that channel in your own capacity. But "Gintee" will not be bound to follow your channels rules.

Have further questions? Please write to me at contact@gintee.com or post your questions in "Your opinion" section below. I would be more than happy to answer your queries and comments.