Its all about V2V

The idea is simple.
The chances are that you are not the only one watching the program on TV, or following a Mega Event (like US election, Brexit, Olympics etc.)
It is more fun doing it in company.
So why not to share your intsant reactions, chat, and take part in real time polling with other viewers (as well as the people running the show).
You may have heard P2P or B2B. But this is all about V2V! Viewers to viewers (and not vhicle to vhicle or virtual to virtual etc. :) ). It is not run by any TV channel.
So who is the moderator of the page for a channel? Any one who is an avid viewer of the programs on a channel and want to be moderator for this channel can be moderator for that channel.That means You can also be moderator for a channel page. All you have to do is to contact me at and we will discuss the details.
The moderator will have the power to post questions for polling, moderate chat and tweets, and edit pages related to that channel such as pages introducing various programs and anchor persons etc.
If you are from the team of a channel, you can also be moderator for that channel in your own capacity. But "Gintee" will not be bound to follow your channels rules.

We are here just to make watching TV more fun!!!
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